He and you may Luna services Yusei, just who they trust and you will service, within his Duels

While cruising close Green Part on the pirate watercraft, the brand new Tontatta Pirates satisfied a floating Tartes boat with Pound inside. [65] The fresh staff following grabbed him towards Dressrosa vent. [66]

Leo, quick getting Leonard, labeled as Lua on Japanese type, both romanized due to the fact Rua (pick less than), are Luna’s twin brother, and you can was among the Signers just who had the heart Draw of the Dragon (as well as the merely most other Signer other than Yusei Fudo, that has been in a position to weaken the brand new « Meklord Emperors » [6] [7] [8] ). Leo is the more mature dual of these two and has an excellent live and blundering character. The guy with his sis also have a great vignette before each episode at nighttime Signers arc known as cards of your times.

Physical appearance

Leo’s clothes is like their sister’s; it include a preliminary-sleeved light coat over an effective sleeveless dark blue shirt having wonderful markings you to differ from Luna’s clothing. He including wears light jeans with a dark blue belt and bluish boots of the identical colour. Leo comes with a bracelet on every arm, with his bluish-environmentally friendly hair is taken towards a single, highest ponytail with a few neck-length bangs on the both sides out-of their deal with nevertheless when he doesn’t put it on upwards (such when he is sleep) it seems like Luna’s in the same problem. The guy deal an excellent Duel Drive which have a blue and you may light slim on their kept sleeve, which was to start with too-big to suit until Yusei altered they.

Towards specialized instances, the guy wears a blue suit that have a white top and you will bluish bowtie according to the coat, and you may black colored loafers which have light, knee-high clothes. When he’s sleeping, the guy wears light-blue pajamas. When at school, he wears the fresh Duel Academy guys consistent with an eco-friendly back pack.


Leo is a lively character (from the dub he is very carefree and you will acts dumbly), it is demonstrated to get serious when the problem needs they. Sometimes he’s going to question his expertise but his sis Luna constantly looks on your to own support. He started off as cocky and you will certain of himself, but turned into older and you can cautious because the series advanced.

He’s including been shown to be very perceptive for the season 2, as he quickly noticed something was not right about Lester actually when he hadn’t acted suspicious but really. [9] He’s plus demonstrated to perhaps not hold grudges up against people that harm their sis whenever they alter the suggests, such with Aporia. [10]


Although he seems average at first, Leo has some kind of ability and then he is in some way communicate with Luna, even though this woman is about Heart Community. In addition, it https://datingranking.net/adult-dating-sites/ awoke the woman out-of this lady coma whenever she try about three yrs . old. He also can get in the fresh new Spirit Community when the Luna repeatedly phone calls out over him when you find yourself she is indeed there, because the seen for the Duel which have Teacher Frank. Whenever Luna ended up being hypnotized from the Honest, Leo registered a trance as well (to own unexplained reasoning), and in the end dropped involuntary once always calling off to Luna. not, he will not be seemingly conscious of some of it [11] [12]


Linework by the Kazuki Takahashi shows japan brands of your own twins getting Rua and you will Ruka. But when their brands seemed published in the japanese cartoon, these people were Lua and you will Luca. The latest differing from inside the names are caused by Japanese sound system pronouncing « L » and you can « R » once the same voice. As he Dueled Haley in the Japanese anime, his identity is spelled Rua. In the event that twins Dueled Lester their names was in fact spelled Lua and you can Luca.

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